LCV has made a difference to the lives of hundreds of musicians since 2010. More than just a choir, LCV aims to actively create pathways into the music industry for early-career musicians; offering them the opportunity to work with established artists, build CVs, gain from contact/support networks and benefit from the performance platforms. We also have many very experienced professional singers and backing vocalists in our membership, offering the opportunity to share knowledge, experience and mentoring. Our work benefits singers, instrumentalists, song-writers, arrangers, composers, conductors and a range of other creatives. Read more about our mission here.


Here are a few statements from our singers about what LCV means to them.



  • LCV has provided a community that I've never had before in London. Makes a big place seem a lot more friendly and small and has given me a social and professional centre from which to help make sure I don't feel my identity and sense of self worth isn't too diluted amongst the millions of people everywhere. Rosi Croom

  • LCV has been one of the key pillars of my life for the last 3.5 years - whether I've had a tough week or a great one, I know that for 2 hours on a Thursday evening, I will be able to get away from everything and embrace the opportunity to share in a positive, uplifting experience with a group of amazing people. Some of my best friends have been made through LCV, and it has provided me with countless experiences, opportunities and memories which I will cherish for the rest of my life. AJ Foster

  • LCV has been a life changer - it really became a musical home for me when I was brand new to London, offering a regular schedule of singing peppered with exciting unpredictability of new artistic and cultural experiences, and a community of creative, talented and warm people. This has been particularly amazing for me personally when facing otherwise difficult, transitional times. Particularly as a non-Londoner, this has been an integral piece to thriving and feeling creative and connected. Rachel George

  • I’m from Bulgaria and I’ve been in LCV for a year and a half now. It sometimes feels really hard to feel welcome in London, due to the fast-paced nature of the city. The choir has been vital for me to grow and be more comfortable socially in a music community. Ris Galabov

  • LCV has made what seems like a big scary place a bit smaller. London can be tiring but bringing together a group of like minded, supportive kind-hearted people to sing together makes being in London exciting and rewarding not just something to survive though. Also by meeting a load more musicians and artists its opened my eyes to different things and friends. Rachel Lyske

  • After I graduated from music college, it was hard for me to maintain a constant circle of friends, as many of my college friends went on to live in other parts of the UK or moved abroad. LCV gave me a sense of community that would otherwise be hard for me to develop as a self employed musician who mostly works from home. If I hadn’t had this, there’s a good chance that I would’ve found London life very difficult, and may have decided to leave all together. Knut Olav Rygnestad

How has lcv helped you in your musical career?

  • LCV offers endless opportunities to grow and to be seen. Two arranging opportunities in particular, with Jesca Hoop and Stu Larsen, have helped provide me with not only valuable experience but with leverage for gaining new work. Rosi Croom

  • Every gig is its own fantastic moment, however there are a couple which stand out: Performing on the main and second stages at Bestival. Performing to a completely blindfolded audience at Wilton's Music Hall. Singing with Deaf Havana at Reading festival. AJ Foster

  • A favorite moment was, relatively early in LCV days, we went to Standon Calling - it was such a quirky festival with a real sudden sense of the kin choir people growing and general LCV family and fun. Others (too many to count!) include the Burberry Fashion Show, singing with Imogen Heap and the LCV holiday weekend. And all the little pop-up style things when different groups of individuals have come together, bonded and created something creative and new. Rachel George

  • My favourite moment has so far been our pop guilty pleasures gig, where I recognised how much of a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ people the choir is. There’s a mixture of queer and straight singers in LCV and normally I’d only be comfortable being open about my sexuality and femininity in front of fellow LGBTQ+ people. It always felt uneasy for me to be open back home around straight people due to the conservative environment, whereas the gig felt like it encapsulated the amazing open mindedness and positivity of LCV members. Ris Galabov

  • Too many!! Main Stage at Bestival, Royal Albert Hall It’s Christmas Live with Sky One, singing with Jack Black for Capital FM, fun pop gigs at Oval Space! Rachel Lyske

  • My favourite moments come from when I’ve been conducting concerts. In my opinion, no feeling compares with the exhilaration of helping a group of talented and skilled singers produce an exciting performance for the audience and each other! Knut Olav Rygnestad

What is your favourite LCV moment (or moments)? 

  • Singing on the Main Stage at Bestival. Conducting the choir and seeing all these happy faces and beautiful voices coming straight at me! Rosi Croom

  • I’m a songwriting student and LCV has been incredible for my self-confidence as a performer, which has always been what I’ve wanted to do, but felt like I’m lacking in certain ways. Because of the encouragement of the choir directors I’m working on my debut EP and have a handful of exciting projects in the pipeline. Ris Galabov

  • I had lost track of what it was that made me want to be a prof musician in the first place. The ‘joy’ had been taken out of performance and the ‘pressure’ of being professional had taken over with the need to earn and survive. LCV bought the fun back and has helped bring my confidence back to sing and perform again for myself. Due to the supportive community and opportunities it creates its changed my life and have started arranging, writing and best for me gigging and singing again. Rachel Lyske

  • LCV has been a great help to my career; not only have they given me a lot of paid arranging and conducting work, and helped me accumulate an impressive professional portfolio, but I’ve also been encouraged to develop myself as a singer, adding another useful tool to my skill set! Knut Olav Rygnestad